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Handmade Bedrooms

At Inwood Design We Can Help Create That Stylish Sleek Bedroom While Also Creating Storage Solutions Helping You To Maximise The Space You Have

Painted and Solid Oak

Fitted Dressing Room

Painted and Oak Fitted Dressing room
Painted and oak fitted dressing room
Painted and Oak fitted dressing room
Painted and oak fitted dressing room

Solid Ash Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

Bedrooms at 

Inwood Design

At Inwood Design we can help create that stylish sleek bedroom while also creating storage solutions helping you to maximise the space you have

Painted and solid Oak

fitted dressing room

White tie and Oak fitted

bedroom wardrobes

Fitted Oak bedroom 


Wardrobes at Inwood


High gloss Cherry wood 

bedroom furniture with 

Maple drawers and inlays

Solid Ash fitted

bedroom wardrobes

American Black Walnut

fitted bedroom furn

Stand alone solid Oak 

bedroom furniture

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